About Safe Books For Kids

All about me and why I created this brand.

I love everything about children’s books, the art, the stories, the sense of wonder, and the life lessons we can explore through them. Books can be a safe way to experience places, people, traditions, history, and even fantasy all within the comforts of your home. I have found that books can be great tools to help reinforce the family values that you are already teaching your little ones.

Here at Safe Books For Kids, we are specifically looking for books that instill the truth, the good, and the beautiful and are safe for all kids to read.

Is it TRUE? Even fiction books can share truths about the world, people, and God.

Is it GOOD? I look for books that instill a sense of family, friendship, love, faith, respect, responsibility, cooperation, or adventure.

Is it BEAUTIFUL? We are first drawn to books by the cover and illustrations. (See what I did there?) There is just no avoiding it! There are so many beautiful books with different art styles that I love to share with my kids. We love being inspired by the art styles in books and trying them on our own as well. You might see a few art ideas on our website too!

As for me, I’m Kayleigh. I am just a mom who is passionate about my kids and books! We are a family of voracious readers and we want to share some of our favorite finds with our friends. All of these books are safe picks for all kids. That’s how our little instagram page got started!

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