Best Books About Libraries

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes, from the most beautiful library buildings to the humble bookmobile, and even free little libraries, they all contain wonderful books and free resources for their patrons. If you are wanting to foster that love of libraries in your children I highly recommend reading books about libraries! In this list of books about libraries you will find our family’s favorites.

If you are looking for free library activities to download you can find them here and print to take with you to your local branch. 

When four friends go in search of a new picture book, they actually find one under a bush! That leads them on a new adventure. They return the book and find many more but they may have accidentally broken into a Bear’s HOUSE! Oh no! Of course, as all children’s book lovers do, Bear is […]

Funny story, I saw this post on instagram of a book store on a truck. (@cincybookbus) I thought the idea was so delightful. I have been enchanted by libraries and bookmobiles, but a little bookstore filled with safe books for kids sounds like a dream occupation! I would love to travel around and sell books […]

We love the Shine-A-Light books! They are a fun interactive way to read a book. We grab a flashlight and read along. On every page, there is a little question and when you shine the light on the underside of the page you can see the answer in a drawing show up! It’s so cool. […]

‘“It’s Monday,” said Mr. Park. “Time to select our new student-librarian!” Penelope teetered on the edge of her seat.” Auggie got to be the student librarian for a day at his elementary school last year and it was maybe the best day of his life! I loved this book so much and remembered how excited […]

What if a little card and a long card got their jobs as library card and birthday card mixed up? Little Card may have gotten trained to be a birthday card but he still found those skills useful when he became a library card! This book was so cute and enchanting! It also reminds readers […]

“Library Fish loved her home on the desk of Mr. Hughes, the librarian. It was the perfect place to welcome every visitor to the library. From where she sat, Library Fish could check each book that was borrowed and returned.” But what if Library Fish decided she wanted to learn to read herself? It would […]

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