Top Books to Read Aloud

Reading chapter books aloud to your children is a great way to introduce long-form stories and offers numerous benefits for families. It enhances language development by exposing children to new vocabulary and complex sentence structures. Listening to stories improves comprehension skills and stimulates imagination, fostering a love for reading. Read-alouds also promote bonding between the reader and the listeners, creating a shared experience that strengthens family relationships. Furthermore, they help develop listening skills, concentration, and critical thinking.  Overall, reading aloud is a joyful and educational activity that supports cognitive and emotional growth.

In the books below you will find our list of favorite read-aloud books that are safe for all kids.

I just introduced this series to my 6-year-old daughter and it is a great book for the perfect age. (Bonus there are 21 books in the series right now!) The whimsical illustrations on every page hooked my daughter. It is a great introduction to read-aloud chapter books because they can still look at the illustrations […]

Bring books to life! We brought Little House in the Big Woods to life this spring by visiting historic log homes in a local park. Being from the Midwest we had several parks with log homes to choose from! We discussed some scenes from the book and imagined what it would have been like to […]

Bring Books To Life! When you read books aloud together it’s always a fun idea to do more with the book. It’s natural to talk about the characters and plot of course but do you ever do more? I love to go on a special outing after finishing a book that brings it to life […]

I picked up these books for my niece who loves animals. These books are historical fiction based around 1900 about a girl who loves animals and tries to help injured animals. She befriends the town vet and has a grandpa who teaches her about nature. These are good middle-grade-sized fiction books at just over 100 […]

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